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How to redesign HR processes and two business lines, as well as their governance? 

Context and challenges :


In a global context of process redesign, a focus is to be carried out for HR and two business processes, in order to line up  with the new dynamics and ambitions of the Soregies Group.


The HR and technical departments wish to be accompanied on their processes and management for :


  • Identify comment bring greater value  added on target processes and how to interface with global processes

  • Organize the teams

  • Integrate la business performance  in that of the Group and drive it 


Ré&el's response:


  • Team alignment for reassemble the irritants during dedicated workshops and experience collective work 


  • Redesign and formalization of processes with teams to determine target processes and implement actions 


  • Definition of how to pilot the processes as a team and how to organize to achieve it 


  • Personalized support throughout the mission with the HRD (for overhaul of the HR process)

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