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Who are we? 

Ré&el supports managerial and organizational transformations. 

We support our clients in the design and deployment of their transformation strategy, we train teams in Operational Excellence and Management, with the aim of always being as close as possible to the field.

Our values

We want to improve the performance of Organizations, based on reality, by instilling a dynamic of collaboration, with respect for the Common Good, Humans and the Planet. 


The five values shared by Ré&el guide our daily missions and actions.


We enjoy meeting our challenges and those of our clientss; we support them in their desire to innovate and challenge what already exists. 



We facilitate the collective construction of the companies of tomorrow; we are convinced that success lies in acting together in the same direction. 



We are proud to contribute to the development of teams, organizations and stakeholders by creating clicks that open new paths. 

Assume the real 


We are committed to telling the truth and respecting the facts, the word of the customer and the employee to guarantee support that is as close as possible to the needs expressed. 

Inspire Confidence 


We create a climate of trust and goodwill so that everyone can express themselves in a protected environment. We take everyone's opinion into account.

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