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Business Game

Comète, Ré&el's Business Game

Our business game allows you to simulate, month by month, the first year of a company in a competitive environment. 

4 companies compete with the aim of setting up an optimal organization in order to make the best decisions to become profitable and retain customers. 

  • Acquire know-how and interpersonal skills in different fields (management, finance, production, marketing and communication, HR and management)

  • Develop a team spirit

  • Foster experiential learning


Duration: Session of 1 to 3 days


Number of participants: 20 to 24 people


Location: face-to-face or remotely


Target audience: companies, schools/universities


Available in English

  • Work collectively   and make decisions as a team

  • Gradual and iterative learning over the months

  • Topics covered: entrepreneurship, agility and decision-making, learning company, financial management, production decision, marketing and strategy

  • Qualified speakers bringing their expertise in their field

A method tested and approved by more than 6,000 students!
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