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How to support teams in an Operational Excellence approach? 

Context and challenges :

As part of a process of rapprochement with its partners, suppliers and customers, the Biomérieux group has initiated the following approach in order to:

  • Do up skills consultants and experts working in the laboratory

  • Supporting Biomérieux customers in setting up continuous improvement and acceleration process laboratory processing flows

Ré&el's response:

  • Animation of Operational Excellence seminar (EO) 2 days 

  • Training (6 days) and individual coaching Green Belt course 

  • Training (10 days) and Green Belt Coaching referents of the excellence system (100 people)

  • Greenbelt certification"Leader of the Continuous Improvement process" acquired following the successful management of an improvement project

  • Coaching of speakers from the Ecole Centrale de Lyon 


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