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How to acculturate teams to Continuous Improvement?


Context and issues: 

ENGIE COFELY's desire to develop the culture of Continuous Improvement in the field teams:

  • Acculturation of the manager at all levels (posture, terrain, etc.)

  • Sharing ofsenseand somevision 

  • Efficiency process

  • Practice of team problem solving 

  • Setting up teams autonomous and responsible 

  • Implementation of daily management rituals (AIC, visual management, all-terrain, obeys, short resolution loops, etc.)

Ré&el's response:

  • Animation of seminars and Operational Excellence (EO) training 2 days for regional offices 

  • Etablishing of kaizen-week with the field teams 

  • Accompaniment of improvement projects 

  • Diagnostic customer value oriented process 

  • Deployment of a training course Greenbelt

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